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Environmental and Sustainability Policy

It is essential that sustainable development and environmental management are at the core of all activities in Circle Offices Ltd. Circle Offices Ltd endeavours to be a major contributor to society’s efforts to achieve sustainability through:

  • the environment in which its staff work
  • the skills and knowledge that they acquire and put in to practice and
  • its own strategies and operations


We are committed to growing our business responsibly. We strive to supply green office space and contribute to society through creating increased environmental awareness.



Meeting the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs, sustainable development must address environmental, economic and social factors and the interrelationships between them.


Surrounding conditions, influences or forces, by which living forms are influenced and modified in their growth and development.


The objectives of this policy are to:

  • ensure that all environmental risks are assessed, managed, monitored and controlled
  • promote and adopt best practice within the CIRCLE OFFICES LTD and its business
  • maintain and develop CIRCLE OFFICES LTD in a sustainable manner
  • keep the staff and stakeholders informed on matters of the environment
  • develop good working relationships with relevant external authorities and bodies such as CCAS Team, COL Environmental Health department and CSP Partnership
  • develop managers and staff by providing training and information on environmental management and sustainability

Policy Statement

CIRCLE OFFICES LTD recognises the importance of the role it has to play in the environmental stewardship of its properties and in promoting principles of sustainability in its business activities.

CIRCLE OFFICES LTD will manage and control its environmental risks in a sustainable manner by complying with relevant legislation and adopting, where appropriate, best practice.

CIRCLE OFFICES LTD will also endeavour to integrate the principles of sustainability into its strategies, policies and procedures.

In accordance with the policy statement CIRCLE OFFICES LTD will:

Control its environmental risks:

  • Meet the requirements of environmental legislation and commit to a process of continual environmental improvement.

Promote and adopt best practice:

  • Establish environmental controls to set targets and indicators, measure environmental performance and report progress.
  • Promote and adopt sustainable initiatives.

Maintain and develop CIRCLE OFFICES LTD in a sustainable manner:

  • Develop a sustainable procurement policy to ensure social, ethical and environmental scrutiny of products and services whilst achieving best value.
  • Maximise energy efficiency, use of renewable resources and use of low carbon technology.
  • Minimise waste generation and facilitate repair, reuse and recycling over disposal of wastes.
  • Maintain biodiversity and enhance CIRCLE OFFICES LTD grounds.
  • Promote sustainable travel to and from CIRCLE OFFICES LTD and encourage bicycle use.
  • Promote continual improvement in maintenance practices and establish sustainability guidelines for internal and external design teams and contractors working on new build and refurbishment projects.

Communicate with and inform the CIRCLE OFFICES LTD staff, clients and stakeholders:

  • Provide information via email and signage.

Working with external authorities and bodies:

  • Develop good working relationships with all relevant external authorities.
  • Develop links with appropriate environmental bodies and associations.
  • Report any incidents as required.

Development of managers and staff:

  • Provide appropriate training and/or information to staff as required.

Current activities in support of our Environmental and Sustainability Policy

CIRCLE OFFICES LTD is continuing its commitment to the environment which is very important to us as an organisation and is also valued by the people we employ and others we engage with. We occupy a building that has been designed with the latest technology to make best use of natural light and energy. We’re committed to the reduction of our carbon footprint and minimising our impact as a company on the environment.

Environmental measures include:

  • Electrical Energy is supplied by responsible supplier. Use of smart meters ensures that the energy use is monitored.
  • The Ventilation System are controlled to ensure that the energy is not wasted.
  • Energy efficient lighting systems with PIR sensors.
  • Energy efficient lamps thought out the building.
  • Maximising our use of environmentally aware suppliers.
  • Mixed Recycling bins for paper, cardboard, plastic and can are provided throughout the building.
  • Food recycling bins are provided in all kitchens and the waste is recycled to produce green energy.
  • Special recycling of batteries, toner & cartridges, light bulbs and WEE also supplied to all clients within the building.
  • No Landfill policy - all our general waste is sent to an energy plant that supplements electrical power supplies to the London area.
  • Shredding and recycling all our paper waste.
  • Restricted printing – print jobs are collected using an account code and recharged to clients accordingly. Double sided printing is cheaper than printing on separate pages. Colour printing is more expensive. Use of recycled paper.
  • Furniture, stationary and electrical items are reused, repaired or donated to charities.
  • Reusable cutlery, crockery and glasses are provide to all clients within the building.
  • No vehicle engine idling policy for deliveries or collections.
  • Limited parking facility also contributes to reduced frequency of collections and deliveries and encourages the suppliers to plan multi-stop deliveries/collections from/to other business in our area.


  • Fully refurbished and remodelled to the highest standard
  • Excellent location at a competitive price
  • 5 star customer service
  • 1Gbps leased line with onsite IT support
  • Separate 1Gbps leased line with onsite IT support
  • Wi-Fi Connection
  • Administrative/secretarial support
  • Discount on stationery orders
  • 24 hour access
  • Secure swipe card operating system
  • Electric security gate and bollard
  • Air Conditioning
  • Power Showers
  • Disabled access, platform lift, shower and wash room
  • High Speed elevator
  • Soundproof double glazed windows
  • Boardrooms, break out/ lounge areas
  • Full AV, videoconferencing facilities and interactive whiteboard
  • Bicycle racks in our private courtyard
  • Kitchens equipped with Zip Tap heaters and chillers
  • Mail distributing, holding or forwarding services

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