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Our Esteemed Clients - 2014

When we searched for our office, Longcroft House was ideally located but fully occupied. They accommodated our requirement and provided a temporary office in one of their meeting rooms.

They have been extremely helpful with our moved and even helped us with our insurance, by referring us to their own insurance broker.

Friday cakes and annual BBQ are very nice benefits that help to bring all businesses together.

The whole team are helpful, friendly and the girls at reception are always there to lend a hand.

Rhys Evans

The team at Longcroft House and Cliff Solomons specifically, has been exceptionally flexible, accommodating and helpful right from our original inquiry through to ensuring we are well looked after at the centre.

Our previous experience with the larger office space providers was patchy at best but Cliff and the team at Longcroft House have gone out of their way to help.

The offices are well maintained, centrally located and provide all the facilities we need.

The team has assisted in making arrangements for us and our clients to use meeting rooms often at short notice and have provided exemplary customer service throughout.

Paul Gosling

Longcroft Team makes every effort to provide an excellent service to our business with their exceptional customer service and their initiative to assist drive companies towards succeeding. This is achieved by creating networking opportunities via annual BBQ’s and Christmas parties. We have been able to gain valuable clients through this process.

In addition to the above they also provide some great added benefits for our own team, such as corporate rates at the local gym, take away restaurant, free confidential shredding, free toner and batteries recycling, decaf coffee and sweeteners and, in particularly for us, free storage for boxes.

We find in our industry that service of documents can be made on the eleventh hour. It is never an issue with them should franking or posting be required last minute in order for us to meet these deadlines.

The team of Longcroft House is always welcoming and friendly they put their own initiative to satisfy our enquiries. Their attention to detail and great work ethics brings overall an outstanding place to be as a company.

Ardens Solicitors

We were previously in leased offices and had always been slightly sceptical about serviced offices.

Our experience with Hana and her team at Longcroft House has been extremely positive. Every member of the team goes out of their way to ensure our housekeeping needs are fully attended to.

So much so that they integrate with our business so well I would include them as a key component in helping us to make our business a success.

If there is a housekeeping issue (which is rare) we are kept informed and solutions are rapidly found.

Circle have converted me to being a fan of serviced offices. This one stop shop office model has allowed us to focus on our business and has totally removed the hassle of dealing with problems that prevent concentration on the commercial success of our company.

It is hard to be specific as the operation at Longcroft House is pretty much seamless and we continually see the 1% extra put into every transaction by the House Management Team.

David Goldfarb

As a small not for profit organisation it is very important to find ways to save money and create networks, during the time we have been resident at Longcroft House, the staff have enabled us to achieve both of the objectives. The 2 summers and Christmas we have been here the centre has hosted events for all the companies’ resident here and as a result if this we have been introduced to other companies who have been able to help us grow our business. We deal with a trouble youth and there is a company in the building who provide mental and social care for young people, because of networking opportunities we have been able to add their skills to our programme and gained connections to other services as a result.

In addition we had to recently downsize our office due to streamlining our business, the staff gave us valuable time and allowed us to work to our own timetable for the move, Hana Kind in particular spent an extraordinary amount of her time with our IT technicians to ensure proper migration of our security systems. Everything was done to ensure our move was as smooth as possible, this is our third serviced offices and I hope to stay her for the duration of our business life, fantastic staff with a can do attitude who always take care of the little things to allow us to operate our business effectively.

Andy Simon

There was nothing we would ask for and would not receive it with kindness, professionalism, perfection, smile and enthusiasm – always willing to help and assist us in the best possible way.

During 7 years that we are located in the Longcroft House, and as we organise several conferences annually, there are so many times and occasions that wonderful ladies Hana King and Chloe Ross helped us, that we can only mention indicatively the following: they would stay late in the evening and help us with extra printing, with nametags, with delivery and reception speakers and sponsors materials and messages and several other matters related to the organisation of Conferences.

More importantly they have been of precious help with recruiting matters and valuable information on all queries.

They are trustworthy, professional, nice to work with.

They contribute to our happiness being in Longcroft House and one of the main reasons we are renewing our contract every year for the past 7 years.

Olga Bornozi

Unlike all other business centres I have worked within, the team at Longcroft House have genuinely taken an interest in not only my business but also myself personally. It has never felt like they are there simply to squeeze as much money from me as possible, but my communication with them has always been about how they could help my practise grow from strength to strength. At the very beginning, they asked me what I needed most from an office and then ensured they fulfilled this need by place me on a peaceful, quiet corridor amongst similar businesses (essential for a hypnotherapist but completely lost on all other business centres I have dealt with in the 11 years I have been in the practise). Additionally, they shared information on how I might make my business known to other office users in the building and as a result of all these efforts, my therapy practice has been busier and attracted far more clients than had I remained at my original office location. They have also actually helped me save money by offering to phone my mobile once (leaving a missed call) to let me know my client is waiting rather than me having to pay for a phone line in my room or the cost of them calling me. A business centre actively helping their clients save money is extremely rare.

On a personal level, they have taken an interest in my pregnancy, checking if I am well and if there’s anything they can do to help. They physically helped me move in and carry my belongings to the office.

To me, Longcroft House is way and above any other centres I have worked within, as it is run by a small, friendly team that genuinely seem to care more about the wellbeing of their clients and their businesses than how much money they can make from them. I look forward to coming to work, even at nine months pregnant, and knowing that my clients are always met with a smile and a friendly face on reception offering them a drink whilst they wait, is priceless.

Susannah Saunders

Due to the nature of our business (psychological therapy and counselling) on a number of occasions the Longcroft House staff demonstrated an attention to detail and perfectionism in dealing with our businesses needs to ensure our clients feel comfortable when they visit us. The Longcroft House staff for example, ensured adequate space was made available on occasions when events run in the building would interfere with the regular activities of our business. As we meet for psychological therapy with our clients, on occasions meeting rooms were made available for us to use free of charge and promptly when the adjacent areas to our consulting rooms within Longcroft House were used for social events and would disrupt the course of our client’s sessions.

Part of our business is to deliver workshops both to organisations and individuals. Longcroft House happily promoted our services within the building to their other tenants (for example, the mindfulness workshops we run open to the general public, were promoted by Longcroft House to their tenants on our behalf).

We are always recruiting (due to increase of work) for new Psychologists to meet with our patients. Longcroft House has redirected to us practitioners looking for consulting rooms and/or to be part of an organisation such as ours.

Raoul Barducci

Firstly, the reception team and management is 5 start! Hana, Cliff, Chloe and Kristina always greet CPG staff and our clients with a warm and welcoming smile. If we ever have any problems or dilemmas the team are there with a helping hand. One example being when our printer broke for the day. Being a very busy Psychology company, our printers are very important to the day to day running and movement of the company. Without a second thought, reception offered to help out with any urgent printing.

The management team has also helped us with promoting our Mindfulness workshop by sending our advertisements to all clients at Longcroft, which has been a massive help.

We as a company are also given the opportunity to network with other companies within the building at the annual (and infamous!) Longcroft House BBQ, where we are supplied with alcohol, freshly cooked food from the BBQ and waiters who circulate on the forecourt. Whilst these events are going ahead, the team provides us with the alternative option to use one of their meeting rooms (free of charge), to reduce noise and distraction for our Psychologists and their patients.

Their enthusiasm and can do attitude assist with day to day functioning. High quality standard with a friendly yet professional manner.

Rachael Sampayo

The team at Longcroft House are super-fast and responsive to any queries that we may have. They helped us set up our office and were very flexible dealing with our complicated IT requirements and liaised with our IT support based in New York. They have been extremely accommodating when senior members of our team arrive from USA and provided us with additional furniture, IT and telephones free of charge and upon request.

We make a lot of international calls and they were extremely flexible when it came to installing our telephone system and keeping our London numbers. This had a direct effect on the way we do our business. They do great networking events such as annual BBQ in the courtyard with chefs and waiters where we get the chance to meet other business within the building.

Adlane Bellahcene

Efficiently run building, willing dependable knowledgeable staff able to sort problems particularly in relation to computers.

The points add value to my business as does the fact that I do not have to waste my time with conventional landlords and their agents.

Ian Menzies

Since moving to Longcroft House in early 2012 our business has seen an increase in sales of over 150%, as a company we feel that our location and the professional but friendly approach that Longcroft House offer has helped in this process.

Our clients like our office and its location and they now regularly arrange meetings at our office as opposed to their locations.

The meeting rooms are modern and have good audio/visual/wifi facilities, arranging a meeting room is a stress free process even when booked at short notice.

The staff are well presented and friendly.

Longcroft House arranges several social events during the course of the year such as the BBQ’s held in the office courtyard. The business centre has a good mix of clients and from these social events we have been introduced to new clients and business opportunities.

Andy Field

Longcroft House is a wonderful, safe and friendly environment to work. The staff are always congenial and efficient and they go out of their way to help. This may be through organised networking events and social calendar events. It is also worth mentioning that the offices are very lavishly decorated and clean at all times.

Richard Guida

Longcroft House has provided Empire with invaluable support whilst we have established our client base within the Greater London area. The centre itself offers a modern, comfortable environment within which to host a variety a meetings and small team conferences. It acts as a fantastic base for our Regional Operations Managers to operate out of whilst visiting our southern based sites. We hope to continue to work in partnership with Longcroft House and the excellent team there, where no request is too much trouble, to further build on our success over the past 12 months.

Kayliegh White

Longcroft House have supported us for almost 2 years and as we have grown in size, Cliff and the team, have always been available and ready to adapt for seamless support and movement between offices. They have taken on our requirements, and made great recommendations as to how to sort space within our budgets. The team are always very quick to respond to enquiries and above all are extremely friendly. As we have grown so quickly in size, it’s been fundamental that little impact is made on our staff during our various moves, which Longcroft House have dealt with excellently.

The office location is within the walking distance of our key customers and partners, meaning that we can always be available for them at any time. We have found that face-to-face meetings are always more successful and personal vs telephone calls, which naturally boost business opportunity and relationships. For our staff, the location and excellent transport links into and out of London, means we attract the best resources possible.

Alex Love

Even before our arrival, the Management at Circle Offices were in contact to ensure our move to Longcroft House was smooth and straightforward. None of our personnel at Evaluation are IT experts, but Hana King (the Office Manager) spent some time with us configuring our system to ensure it worked properly. Staff are always friendly and accommodating and answer any queries we have.

Cliff the sub manager is very approachable and we have already extended our license with Circle Offices as we are pleased with the office.

We are a growing business and Cliff is always in contact explaining the availability of other office suites that we could possibly move into in the future.

We cannot fault this Business Centre.

Nick Eva

Circle Offices Ltd (Longcroft House) is a trustworthy company made out of people that always go out of their way to help their clients and accommodate their wishes. Not only do they provide an excellent service every day but they also make sure that our company gets a helping hand whenever needed. One of the examples of how accommodating they are was a situation where we had to cancel a meeting room at the last minute and they decided not to charge us, even though we did not give a 24 hour cancellation notice. This of course helped a lot financially, but we also avoided all the unnecessary explanations of this invoice to the accounting department.

The company also organised a summer party, which was a greay opportunity for a get-together with other companies that are based in the building. Normally, we do not get a chance to speak to most of the businesses based here, so – needless to say – this created a great opportunity for networking, while the atmosphere was relaxed and cheerful thanks to the incredibly kind hosts.

It is always a pleasure to chat to Longcroft House staff and I cannot imagine having our office in another location.

Michael Meyer

It is vital in our business to have professional look and feel about it. We have been very impressed with the team at Longcroft Houser for their cheerfulness, positive demeanour and overall professionalism when it comes to dealing with our calls and visitors, They are very friendly to all our people and they have had to cope with a new business with different demands and complexities They have taken it in their stride.

In addition when we needed to move from our previous office at short notice the sales operation at LH were able to accommodate us in a temporary office which allowed us to make the transition seamlessly.


Stuart Alexander

This business centre allows us to get on with our business without any distractions.

The building is run by professionals for professionals. The staff are on hand for any requirement and promptly attend to all requests. They meet with our staff regularly and even bring round treats on Fridays!

The location is perfect for our business providing ready access to our customer base.

I have no hesitation in endorsing Longcroft House.

First rate comms, superb support. What more could you want.

Stephen Pinner

Circle Offices have created and continue to provide an on-going supportive working environment that promotes our business. In doing so, they listen, help and support us with all our varied and often extensive requests both large and small. An example of this was their assistance in setting us up with Wireless Internet, and seeing this through from beginning to end on our behalf, seamlessly without needing further work from ourselves.

The level of customer service provided by Circle Offices is excellent. This is shown by professional and attentive staff greeting our clients with courtesy and sensitivity. Their attention to detail and communication with our workers is exceptional, and makes for an incredibly smooth and pleasurable experience in a pleasant atmosphere and surroundings.

Sheri Jacobson

Hana King and the team at Longcroft House are by far the best supporting team that any business could ask for. They are always very prompt with dealing with issues, extremely accommodating to the needs and requirements of our business and have become close friends to the business, almost like family. We have decided to stay in these offices for the foreseeable future as there really isn’t any desire to relocate I think the annual BBQ’s and Christmas parties are a special touch that brings together the whole building, like a little community.

Richard Harrison

We moved offices within the centre at least 4 times to suit our growth/size according to our needs at that time. Circle Offices have provided excellent, affordable space as well as attentive customer service throughout this time. I currently have 14 desk divided over 2 offices which were customised before moving into this latest space to meet our expansion requirements. Circle have invested heavily in a refurbishment programme which has had a direct benefit on my business, occupying new office within the existing centre.

Importantly, they also refer us to new and existing licensees within the centre as potential new clients for us.

Preet Chahal

Having worked in Longcroft House, managed by Circle Offices, for quite some time, I can attest to the outstanding quality of the business centre in terms of its staff, its management and their aptitude for excellence. All employees of Circle Offices are to commended on their attitudes and presentation; they are at all times friendly, helpful and professional.

Circle Offices also go above and beyond to boost morale for those who work here, which we have found in turn enhances productivity and thus adding value to our business. Just a few examples of the way in which they do this include discounts for local restaurants, gym membership discounts, providing snacks on ‘Happy Fridays’ and the keeping kitchen spaces both well-supplied and tidy.

Circle Offices also opened up opportunities for future business by hosting biannual networking events for the many organisations and businesses they accommodate in Longcroft House. These events are not only free, but thoughtfully put together and provide a great environment with a more informal feel in which it becomes very easy to establish new connections which have great potential for the future. These events are especially beneficial in Circle Offices because of the huge diversity in companies.

Valquiria Chinaglia

Circle Offices provide:

• Great location
• Standard of Services
• Team and their manager have personally helped with our office move
• Proactive approach
• The girls at reception are always one step ahead and provide service with a smile
• The meeting rooms help us generate a lot of new business
• The networking events in the form of the BBQ helped us generate new contacts and meet other businesses within Longcroft House

Igor Drobnjak

The Longcroft House staff are always very kind and the most helpful to any request from us in the office. They are very quick and efficient in responding to all our queries, which is important to run our business properly.

Gordana Batic

JPC Cleaning Services have been based at Longcroft House for over 2 years now. During our time located here we have found the building management team to be extremely friendly, helpful and diligent in everything they do. They are reactive and remarkably supportive which allows us to simply concentrate on the day to day running of our own business.

John Conry

Longcroft House is supported by a great team that makes working here very enjoyable and helps the smooth running of the business. They are always here for a helping hand whenever needed.

Thomas Matellini

We're really well looked after at Longcroft House. All our varied needs have been met by a team who are extremely reliable and personable. A great place with a great team, offering a great service!

Sheri Jacobson

The Longcroft House Business Centre team took part in a sponsored abseil for King’s College Hospital. All the money raised goes towards building a much needed Helipad. I was a patient in the hospital two years ago due to an unfortunate incident and my life was saved by the doctors there. I have signed up for abseiling event as a small thank you to the hospital, and a number of Longcroft House representatives joined me, and as a result we managed to raise over £2000 for the hospital charity. I am ever so grateful that they took part in this project in my name.

Also very much appreciated is the little sweet treat we get every Friday. It multiplies that Friday feeling after a long hectic week. And it tastes good too!

Suzanne Ratajova

The centre had a massive refurbishment make-over two years ago, presenting a more professional image, and providing better internal facilities to businesses in the centre, which are essential. We are grateful to see continuous improvements being achieved because we are the ones who benefit from them.

The management team is very effective and helpful when matters occur; they are also friendly and approachable which I consider very important if we have a long stay in the centre.

Jade Tan

We are Marine Insurance brokers with all our business originating in West Africa. Our clients often visit us and find the centre very easy to find being right by Liverpool Street station.

The meeting rooms are very impressive being both well-equipped and comfortable.

Staff are very helpful. Clients are well looked after by reception if they make unexpected visits and we have to be found.

Annual BBQ has allowed us to network with other companies and we have used solicitors based in the building.

Jonathan Beauclair

Since we have moved here in April 2012 our company changed its size on a few occasions. Longcroft House had always been flexible and accommodating to our business needs and we are soon due to expand into another, even larger office. The team has always assisted us with the moves, which meant limited downtime, ensuring a smooth transfer, which is ever so important for our business.

They also organised discounted price at the local take away restaurant, where we because regular customers and now occasionally get our lunch for free.

The annual courtyard BBQ, Friday cakes and great personable team, are a nice touch to it all.

Matt Harriman

Longcroft House is located in a prestigious position just a few minutes’ walk from Liverpool Street Station. We love all the friendly staff, who are always willing to help in any way. No problem is too great for them and all queries are handled with a smile. It’s also the little things that count, like a fully stocked kitchen, with a steady flow of hot water whenever the need for tea or coffee strikes. The building is always pristine clean and tidy.

Continuing with the theme of ‘little things mean a lot’, the management arrange a regular BBQ to which everyone in the building is invited. This brings everybody together and new contacts and friendships are made and formed. In addition, they visit all the offices every Friday with plates of cakes and friendly banter, which is thoughtful and caring. They also go out of their way to put clients in touch with each other and it is like one big happy family.

Finally, they have arranged corporate rates with other local businesses, such as the local gym and restaurants which we have never experienced elsewhere. The ambience of the centre is relaxing and conducive to pleasant, comfortable working conditions and we highly recommend this centre.

Mary-Anne Smyth


  • Fully refurbished and remodelled to the highest standard
  • Excellent location at a competitive price
  • 5 star customer service
  • 1Gbps leased line with onsite IT support
  • Separate 1Gbps leased line with onsite IT support
  • Wi-Fi Connection
  • Administrative/secretarial support
  • Discount on stationery orders
  • 24 hour access
  • Secure swipe card operating system
  • Electric security gate and bollard
  • Air Conditioning
  • Power Showers
  • Disabled access, platform lift, shower and wash room
  • High Speed elevator
  • Soundproof double glazed windows
  • Boardrooms, break out/ lounge areas
  • Full AV, videoconferencing facilities and interactive whiteboard
  • Bicycle racks in our private courtyard
  • Kitchens equipped with Zip Tap heaters and chillers
  • Mail distributing, holding or forwarding services

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